Social Media Advertising Gains Momentum Among Bloggers

The growing social media ad spends has been beneficial to bloggers & online publishers as well as for small businesses. eMarketer measured the social media ad spending in 2011 to be around US$ 2bn, rising to about US$ 3bn by the end of 2012. The growth is likely to continue through 2015 when the total spending is likely to be about US$ 8bn.

For online publishers & freelancer bloggers, this translates to seriously looking into their Twitter & Facebook pages to increase their incremental earning from their blogs & websites.

Refer to: Social Media Advertisers for Bloggers & Freelancers.

social media facebook advertisign revenues 2010 - 2011Facebook will continue to earn more from such social media ad spending, while services like Twitter, Tumblr are trying to find out newer ways to help marketers gain coverage.

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets has proven to be very effective with high returns on investments especially for small businesses.

As a publisher or blogger, when you are listed with any of the Twitter advertising services, you could be making well over US$ 100 a month just from tweeting out sponsored messages.

5 Tips for Bloggers to Increase Income from Twitter

  • provide your business information, website URL on your Twitter profile
  • upload your photo on your Twitter account. Photos lend conviction to serious followers
  • connect with caution, marketers looking to Twitter accounts for sponsored messages measure the quality of your followers
  • publish about 1 sponsored tweet for every 5 natural tweets
  • link Twitter with Facebook, your company website & other social networking websites with tools

What has been your experience in making money from Twitter or other social media advertising opportunities?

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